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    Hi! We're Groundwire, and we roast coffee
    By sourcing coffees with personality, and roasting for clarity, we seek to connect you to coffees that inspire moments of happiness and curiosity.

    Coffee With Integrity

    In addition to elevating your coffee experience at home and in the cafe, we believe that really good coffee has the power of transformative, positive impact at origin. This belief guides everything we do at Groundwire, including our commitment to sourcing coffees which promote the social empowerment and economic health of our farmers, as well as the conservation of our environment.
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    Let's Collaborate

    From farmer to importer, roaster to barista, and everywhere in between, coffee is an exercise in collaboration. If you believe, like we do, in coffee's ability to elevate experiences, evoke positive vibes, and inspire people everywhere, we would love to start a dialogue with you, learn about your goals, and make something delicious together.
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